Saturday, September 27, 2014

New to Me, Old as Dirt

Today, I started doing something that I had never tried before: Yoga.  I am writing about it here both to commit myself to keep doing it and to have something look back at if I keep with it.

I am starting yoga because I find that I don't bend well.  I have never been very flexible.  Indeed, one reason why I dive so much playing ultimate is that it is easier to do that than to bend. 

The hardest part of yoga for me may be the breathing.  I am, yes, a mouth-breather, given my constant state of congestion.  This might actually teach me to rely more on breathing through my nose.  We shall see. My balance is not terrific either, so this might help there as well. 

I am definitely very tight as the instructor handed me a strap so that I could pull my leg around since I could not quite reach mine as everyone else could reach theirs. 

Oh, and to paraphrase that line from Jaws, I think we are going to need a thicker mat.

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