Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coup In Translation

Lately, folks have been getting my title wrong, which led to this shot on CTV:

Well, after a phone interview with Murray Brewster of Canadian Press about Harper's seemingly conflicting stances on NATO and Iraq, the story got played in a variety outlets including some in French.  The mistake about me being Chair of NPSIA became this:
Steve Saideman, président de l’école Norman Paterson des affaires internationales à l’Université Carleton
So, I would like to announce that the coup has been successful, that I will call elections once the situation settles so that we can have a return to the rule of law and democratic governance.  In the meantime, I will simply go by El Presidente for Life Steve.  First Lady Spew (formerly Mrs. Spew) is already shopping for shoes.

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