Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Tough Day in Ottawa

Today, Ottawa, my adopted hometown, faced a mighty difficult test and performed quite well.  There were much rumors about multiple attacks that didn't take place at a nearby hotel and mall, just like that day in DC where the media reported that there was a car bomb at the State Department (and I had just told my wife that I was headed there). 

I followed it on twitter rather than TV, which might have been a mistake since the TV coverage turned out to be great. But the media folks on twitter were also sharp.  I have met more than a few during my time here, and I have much respect for them. 

There was much uncertainty for quite some time with a press conference producing no new insights at all.  I am getting ready to watch the Prime Minister's address.

There will be much criticism of the security folks since this guy got into the building, but he was killed before he could do much damage.  By whom?  By the guy responsible for security, the Sergeant at Arms, apparently.  Former Mountie and all that. 

I am going to run now, but I had two tweets that went pretty viral today, and I feel pretty good about them now:

I will have more thoughts tomorrow as we learn more about this event and how it relates to Tuesday's attack (or not).


Unknown said...

Former student of yours here, and also fellow Ottawa adoptee. I posted this on my Facebook, and couldn't agree more with you.

"After being offered a ride home by my neighbor, and hearing from loved ones throughout the day inquiring on my safety, I am reminded that I am surrounded by incredible people who love me. But perhaps more importantly, I am reminded that I live in a remarkable city, in an amazing country where people are willing to sacrifice so much to keep us safe. From the RCMP officers who rushed to the scene, the the Sergaent-at-Arms who ran towards the shooter, to the thousands of men and women in uniform who protect us both at home and abroad, there are SO many good people in this world. Do not let today's events overshadow this. Continue to love your neighbor, and continue to make Ottawa one of the best, and safest cities in the world."

Steve Saideman said...

Well said.