Friday, October 31, 2014

Mission Creep! Booooo!!!!

For Halloween this year, I have dressed as Mission Creep:

Tis a villain that threatens any potential military effort!!

Actually, I think that "mission creep" has been a scare word used by those opposed to the mission in Iraq.  There are good reasons to oppose that mission, but "mission creep" is not one of them.  Canada did not creep into Kandahar, but made a very careful decision.  So, going to Kabul in 2003 or Kandahar in 2002 did not lead to an inevitable and deceptive slide into Kandahar in 2005-2006.  So, I pushed back when asked about Mission Creep during my TV appearances the last couple of months.

And here is the real message of my costume: I am not scary even dressed as Mission Creep--except to easily intimidated undergrads.  So, we should be concerned about the use of force, but only fear Mission Creep when he knocks on your door, demanding candy.

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Mrs. Spew said...

I'm not a skeptic. I just pointed out that wearing that costume to give out candy to children made utterly no sense to children. Which it didn't, as it turned out.