Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Very Fascist Thanksgiving

It has been a delightful thanksgiving, chock full of great food and fun family teasing.  I could not help but notice a theme in this weekend's entertainment--the latest Hunger Games movie [modest spoilers below] and the Lego Movie. 

Mockingjay Part I was far more overt than the book's take on the rebellion.  In the first two movies/books, we see quite clearly that Katniss Everdean and her friends are fighting a nasty totalitarian regime led by President for Life Donald Sutherland.  Mockingjay Part I introduces District 13's President, played by Julianne Moore.  Her speeches, with upraised fist and disturbing cheering by the large crowds, makes it clear quickly and early (compared to the book) that the good guys in this movie may not be that different from the bad guys.  That is, Katniss is very disturbed by her new allies.  So, one fascist regime may end up being replaced by another.  Lovely. 

This evening, we caught the Lego Movie on tv.  It was the third time I have seen it, and it was still delightful.  This time, the bad guys are fascists and the good guys are not.  Still, it was odd that this family holiday was chock full of totalitarian rule facing rebellion.  Read nothing about my family and my status as the youngest child into it. 

I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving.

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