Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just the Right Bit of Americanization

"Americanized" is used as a slur up here sometimes--that a Canadian thinks too much like an American.  Well, apparently many Canadians don't mind knowing a wee bit about the US:

That's right--when there was a mic malfunction, the Canadian hockey crowd was able to sing the rest of the US National Anthem.  This video has been going the internet this week, as it is pretty cool--that the two neighbors support each other when one needs a hand. 

The relationship can be a bit fraught--check out the Keystone pipeline stuff or not.  And Americans are far more ignorant of Canada than vice versa--I can almost sing the English parts of O Canada (will figure it and the French part out by the time I have to take the citizenship test), and I have been living here twelve years.  But moments like these remind us that we are bothers and sisters with all the conflict that comes with being relatives.

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