Saturday, November 8, 2014

Overanalyzing Advertising

I saw this ad while watching football:
 I found it amusing, and then was more amused when it became the focus of the Grantland NFL podcast discussion the next day.  Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays took their skills at over-analyzing football and used them to raise a bunch of questions about the ad:
  • Does the woman doing the dancing have friends?  She seems to always dance alone?
  • Is she the sister of the various men getting married? 
  •  What is her relationship to the boy?
It was a very funny discussion.  The next Grantland NFL podcast managed to interview the woman, Alice Wetterlund, who has also been featured at Uproxx.  Wetterlund is a comedian and an actress, so she had a very good take on her experience that she expressed on the Grantland podcast.  I may have missed her appearance on @midnight, which has become my favorite show for folding laundry and making the bed.

Anyhow, her ad has gone kind of viral leading to tweets like this:

and this

This all makes me miss both Southwest Airlines (they have the most amusing flight attendants) and American TV ads.  We tend to get the same Canadian Tire commercial over and over again up here, so I have more appreciation of the American ads that amuse.

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