Monday, June 25, 2018

Chile, Day Two

Just a few quick observations as I get ready for a busy day tomorrow--heading to the site of the Chilean Congress, which is not in the capital.  I'll explain that tomorrow.
  • Santiago is a kiss on one cheek kind of place, as opposed to Quebec's two cheek, and with semi-complete strangers?  Hmmm.  
  • First place I can recall where there are many stands selling fresh cups of juice.
  • While metro is pretty easy to navigate, there is less signage at each stop than in my last few stops (Tokyo, Seoul) so getting off at the right stop will be a concern.
  • The Andes are beautiful even if hazy.  They are calling to me!
  • If the first interview is any indicator, Chile may not be so different from Brazil... hmmm.
  • I found a favorite secessionist movement: the Independent Republic of Pisco (a drink)-->
  • I can read enough Spanish to make fun mistakes when ordering dinner -->
  • Yes, I found myself watching World Cup highlights as my interpreter translated the interviewee's comments.
  • Pretty sure just saying si would simplify most restaurant transactions.
  • Oh my, the food is good.  This will be a recurring theme.
  • Being in the artsy part of town is not going to get old--the opera singer in the metro station was amazing.
Tomorrow's observations will involve driving (or being the passenger driven by undergrad interpreters) in Chile, Valparisio, and stuff in between.  Ciao, ciao.

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