Friday, January 4, 2019

AOC and All That

Mrs. Spew gets annoyed that AOC is getting so much attention--that she is but one new representative.  I am similarly annoyed.  Not because she has done anything wrong, but that Congress (old and new) and American politics are more complicated (or so I hear) than one new, very left-wing politician.  Sure, the Republicans are going to focus on her because she is further to the left than the rest of the party and will be made to be seen as the average Dem.  I don't think she is their focus because they fear her as much some might wish that.

Anyhow, on the bright side, she can take it:

This is the thing--she has great social media game.  She can respond quickly and sharply and with great snark to the stuff they hit her with.  Indeed, they don't really know how to hit at her.  The dude who posed the video of her Breakfast Club dancing has now deleted his account, having been supremely ratioed (far more comments at than being retweeted).  All that video did was make her more human and, dare I say it, more attractive.

And give folks much fodder:

I have not read enough about PAYGO and other differences AOC has with Pelosi, but note that she was not part of the rebellion that sought another speaker--that was the douchebros who want to drag the party to the right.  While I would prefer the Dems not to be a geritocracy, Pelosi, unlike Schumer, has won my respect again and again by keeping the rabble of Dems together to push for real stuff.  I am more comfy having her in the room making deals with Trump than I am with Schumer who seems far more intent on easing the way for more awful judges to be appointed.

Anyhow, I will not knee-jerk support AOC or even care that much about her, except enjoy her snark and to push back about her symbolizing anything about the mainstream of the Democratic Party EXCEPT that one party is diverse and dynamic and engaging and sometimes fun.

Oh, and Ally Sheedy approves:

Update: there is now a twitter account called "AOC Dances to Every Song" in case you want to see more adaptations: @aoc_dances  

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