Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aussie-land, Day 5?

Just a few notes and observations before I try to transcribe some interview notes:
  • The coinage here is entirely anti-intuitive--$2 is a smaller coin than a $1, which is smaller than .50 (pence?), which is larger than .20.  The bills are clear and crisp and not nearly as likely to rip as CA $.
  • They have good beer here.  What a surprise!
  • The health care debate back in the US is going wonderfully off the rails--Palin saying she ran over to Canada for health care and Rush pledging to leave the country, as if Costa Rico does not have public health care.
  • Dog's breakfast?  

And no Lost analysis tonight or tomorrow.  I will not be able to see the next couple of episodes until I get back.  Given how great this week is already playing out in terms of interesting research (the Aussies are a complex case!), this is just a small bump.  Enjoy the show.

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