Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aussie-land, Day 6b

Had a great penultimate day in Canberra with meetings with colonel, general, and member of parliament.  My afternoon got suddenly free, so I hit the National Museum of Australia.  What did I learn?
  • I learned that the discoveries of things like kangaroos and platypi really upset biologists since they violated their understandings of things like mammals. 
  • Australia has a history of incredibly nasty bush fires.
  • The Australian Prime Minister apologized a couple of years ago for the treatment of the aborigines.
  • The Aussies use every part of the kangaroo.  Almost bought this pouch but, as a man, ick.
  • Apparently, kangaroos are quite common, even wandering through the suburbs of Canberra.  We went looking for them at a set of defence buildings, but did not see any.  Only evidence that I was not being lied to?  Roo poop.  Of course, it could be somebody else's poop.

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