Monday, April 26, 2010

Lost Fantasy League Strategy Guide

We have one day left until the draft for the Lost Fantasy League (still seeking a name for our game).

Half of the teams have names, the other half are risking my naming them.  So far, the named teams are: Anubis Oracles, Lockean Provisos, Team Tabula Rasa (or is it Rosa?), Red Shirts, Team Doc Jensen, and Quantaum Humer.

One change in plans: the draft will commence at 9:30EDT as my daughter's play may go long.  Chip, as the first person to draft, is already on the clock.  Each person will have five minutes to decide (which means the draft may take up to 200 minutes!  But that is unlikely).  If you provide me with a ranked list of your preferred top 40 or so characters, then I will input your most highly ranked character that is still available.  Please get me that list before 5pm Tuesday EDT if you can (as I would like to have them in hand before I watch my daughter perform in a silly play).  If I receive no list and you do not attend the draft, then you will have to pick after everyone else has--not a good strategy.

To be clear, an integral part of this process is for folks to post on the blog negative and hopefully humorous comments about the choices of the other players.  If no one brings the snark, then I will have to do so.  And we really do not want that, now, do we?

The Draft Order:

Chip Anubis Oracles  1 20 21 40
2 19 22 39
Jacob Lockean Provisos 3 18 23 38
David and Ali
4 17 24 37
Wendy Team Tabula Rasa 5 16 25 36
6 15 26 35
Brandon Red Shirts 7 14 27 34
Jeff Jensen Team Doc Jensen 8 13 28 33
9 12 29 32
Ben Quantum Humer 10 11 30 31
This order is subject to change if anyone trades picks.

Draft Strategy:
I have already provided a few hints....
  1. Sexism/romanticism is probably not a good idea as Cuse/Lindelof have been as willing to kill women as JK Rowling was to kill the sweet and the innocent (pause, while we all think of our favorite House-Elf).
  2. With five points for each primary survivor, two points for characters whose survival must be assumed (Walt?), and ten for picking the right candidate, with only four characters each (unless trades change your team size), you must consider whether quantity or quality makes sense.  
    1. If you think most of the primary characters will be wiped out, then amassing a bunch of folks who are likely to survive off the Island and off camera makes sense.
    2. If you think most of the primary characters will live, then you need to draft those folks/.
  3. Characters that are likely to be THE candidate may also be the ones most likely to die, so picking such folk will be a bit of a gamble.
  4. The really big question as I hinted in the initial post is whether Island World somehow trumps LA alt reality or not.  If both timelines progress into the future, then some characters will be worth a lot since they may end up living in both (double points).  If you think LA will trump, then folks who are dead on the Island may still be attractive picks.  If you think the Island will wipe out the LA timeline, then lots of folks become bad picks (Libby, Charlie the ex-hobbit).
    1. Speaking of Charlie, we have at least three of them, so specify which Charles you are picking (and picking Chuck Bartowski is not going to help you much, despite his heroic abilities as most LA folks will remind you that Burbank is not LA).  
  5. There is no prize for finishing last, which could be achieved by focusing mostly on folks who are dead already.
Any other suggestions?


Chip said...

how about whoever comes in last has to buy you a beer/whiskey

Steve Saideman said...

Chip has just won a potential tiebreaker--with the first great idea from the players. So, if Chip is tied for first or last, he gets the nod since he has added a valuable new rule to the game.

Ali Rubenstein said...

Did you get our name: The Constants, also, Steve, send us a message with your address, you have a goodie bag coming your way!