Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Voice Against the Fraud

I have been pretty obsessed with voterfraudfraid--the effort by the GOP to suppress the vote with fears of imaginary voter fraud.  Well, if this bothers me, it sure as hell bothers John Lewis, one of the freedom riders who put his life at risk to promote civil rights in the early 1960s.  So, it is too bad he didn't get some prime time coverage at the convention with his short but powerful speech:

I am becoming a bit more confident with the recent court rulings, with the relative performances of the two parties at their conventions, and the confidence the Democrats had in their diversity, that history is very much not only on the side of the Democrats but the election may be as well.  Regardless of the other issues, a party that tries to rely on voter suppression does not deserve to win.  It cannot get more un-American than that--if the revolution was about taxation without representation, the anti-tax folks of the right forget that the key was not the taxes but the representation.

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