Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Later

Last night, I pondered what I would be saying on the radio today (the TV appearance didn't happen) about the anniversary of 9/11.  I was on the local alternative rock station 88.5, which does some news stuff as part of their morning crew/zoo/herd/flock.  So, what did I say?

I discussed briefly where I was when the attacks happened.  For a longer version of this tale, go here.  They asked me about the progress on the war of terror, and I basically said that such a war can never end since it is a war on a tactic or strategy--the threat or use of force against non-combatants to change government policy--that preceded 9/11 but a few decades centuries millennia.  So, the real question is whether we can defeat an organization.

Which led to the next question--what is the status of the war on Al Qaeda?  I am no expert, but I follow a few on twitter, including the Patron Saint of the terrorism industry, so I enumerated some of the progress--AQ lost its sanctuary and many folks in Afghanistan, Bin Laden and a whole host of #3's have been killed, that AQ overplayed and offended much of the Muslim world by killing heaps of Muslims, but that it still exists and poses a threat (how much?)

I did discuss the local threat--not so much about AQ central organizing an attack against Canada, but "home grown" folks launching attacks.  But I also indicated that there are far greater threats to Canadian and American lives without going into the details (obesity, infrastructure failures, etc.)

So, who won 9/11?  My answer: Iran.  That the attack gave Bush and his crew heaps of autonomy in US politics to launch a war against a country with which these folks were most obsessed (kind of like Iran today), that the war against Iraq removed a key impediment and concern to Iran, that it gave Iran more influence via Iraqi politics (not to mention allowing Afghanistan to fester).

So, them's my thoughts on 9/11 eleven years later.  Much frustration at the waste in lives here and elsewhere since then and the economic losses as well. 

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Steve Greene said...

I will forever associate 9/11 with you. Never turning the TV from Nickelodeon that morning I didn't even know anything had happened till I got to work and checked email to receive one from Donna that says, "don't worry, Steve Saideman is fine." I asked (Cherie, I think) why you wouldn't be, and found out.