Thursday, September 13, 2012

Voter Fraud Fraud, PA Style

I got into a long twitter argument with a person I otherwise respect.  He was basically arguing that people who want to vote should do the work it takes to get the ID necessary to vote.  Readers of the Spew will know that I would argue that there is no voter fraud problem of any consequence, that raising barriers to voters is a bad idea, and that it is a political effort by the Republicans to suppress the vote.

The fun thing is that the individual sent me two links in rapid succession to prove that getting a voter ID is not so problematic:  this and then this.  The first is the Pennsylvania site explaining what people need.  The second is the site the Democrats of Pennsylvania have set up to help people get the ID they need to vote.  This led to the natural challenge: where is the Republican site for helping people to get ID to vote in PA?  Yep, nada.  Zilch, zero. Zip.  I could be wrong, but my search has found none.  I never got a follow up tweet from the guy who was arguing against me. 

So, there you have it.  One party is helping people to get to the polls, the other is making it more difficult.  As I have said before, if you are relying on voter suppression to compete, then perhaps you are doing something wrong, that you are unworthy.  It is time for the Republicans to look deep into the 21st century and ask themselves: do they want to be the party of voter suppression? 

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R. William Ayres said...

Florida was proudly trumpeting today that they had located 275 illegal immigrants to take off the voter rolls - an number so small that, even if all of them had voted, they would not have altered the Florida outcome in 2000.