Friday, April 5, 2013

Here A Blog, There A Blog, Everywhere A Blog Blog

Last night, the folks at Duck of Minerva held a reception for those who blog about International Relations.  Two events played out: a series of folks presented essentially blog posts to the crowd, and awards were given to the best blogs of the year. 

The former starred Duck folks (Charli Carpenter, Rob Farley, Amanda Murdie), Erica Chenoweth and Dan Drezner.  The presentations were heaps of fun.  I especially liked Rob's bit about multiple hats since I have been thinking about folks who wear many different roles since my time on the Joint Staff, interacting with the staffs of SACEUR and EUCOM commander (the same guy). 

The latter was most interesting, as I learned about a new blog or two, and one of the places where I post stuff, Political Violence at a Glance, was awarded best new blog of the year!  Woot, indeed.  I was already proud about participating in PVatG's reindeer games as their lineup of folks is awesome.   Now I am part of an award-winning group, which is pretty cool, too.  Of course, this means more pressure to provide more and better stuff.  Congrats to Erica C and Barbara Walter (in the pic), as they are the folks who conceived of and run PVatG and congrats to the rest of the winners. 

Anyhow, I am headed back into the fray that is ISA2013.  Consider this post my #ff and follow PV at a G as well as the Duck.

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