Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pseudo-Tax Epiphany

I just spent most of the day tussling with my American tax forms.  Yep, I am an ex-pat but the long reach of the IRS means that I still do the paperwork.  Good times.  As I went through the forms, I had a fleeting Republican thought: jeez, this is so much work that perhaps I should work less, make less money, and then this would be easier.

And then I remember that the folks who pay far less than they should can afford accountants and can figure out ways to dodge taxes, so they really are not deterred by "high taxes" from working and earning as much as they want. 

One weekend of suffering versus making some bucks to spend on my family and myself?  Oh yeah, easy choice.  I am just whining today.  Given that the real solution to the US budget situation is to return to a day of reasonable taxes (say, 1996?), I really cannot complain even if the forms cause my skull to ache.  Flat tax?  No thanks.  Easy but bad for the country.  If being in a free and progressive society means an annual headache, I will take it.  I just need find my aspirin.

Happy tax weekend to y'all from all of us at ye olde Spew.

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