Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twitter Fight Club: The Quickening and Then Some

I will not give away my entire strategy for today's competition, but I do want to explain what I will be doing.  Transparency is the thing today except when it is not.

First, I have set up tweetdeck to post a series of tweets throughout the day, especially at times where I will be unable to tweet much (during my first panel, during lunch off -site, etc).  So, much of my posting will be punching and not counter-punching as I will not be able to read @texasinafrica's (Laura Seay) tweets and respond quickly when I am off wifi or in the first panel.

Second, I will live tweet the panel on Violence and Nonviolence in State-Dissident Interaction that has many interesting folks involved: Will Moore, Christian Davenport, Kathleen Cunningham, Erica Chenoweth, David Cunningham, Will Moore and some other folks.

Third, I will not be responding to or attacking Brett Friedman, who has been acting as @texasinafrica's hatchet man.  Twitter fight club is about two people going toe-to-toe, and Brett is not the opponent.  Plus I just have to wonder if his insistence on attacking on Laura's behalf is not just a bit paternalistic.  So, I will ignore him.  I recommend you do the same--Laura's skills and enthusiasm are impressive enough--no need to be distracted by less than innocent bystanders.

Fourth, I will try to post tweets and respond to Laura while spending time with the various folks I have plans to meet.  Some are friends who are used to me being rude.  Others are not, so I will tweet less during those times.

Fifth, I have done heaps of pre-pandering with the two announced judges--Dan Drezner and Will McCants.  I had a lovely dinner with Will when he was in Ottawa last week, so consider that (plus his defeat of me last year in the Elite Eight) as my pandering.  Dan has gotten semi-rich off of his Zombie book, which I blurbed and also assigned to my Intro to IR class back when I was at McG.  I don't know how many of the 600 students actually bought the book, but I would guess about half.

Anyhow, follow me at @smsaideman, follow the hashtag #tfc13, and most importantly vote for me at

I promise this is my penultimate post on #tfc13.  I will post a wrap up tomorrow.

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just voted-good luck!