Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breaking Bad--the Pre-Antepentultimate Episode

Who you gonna call?

Not Ghostbusters but white supremacists?  Wow, they are both more and less reliable than you might expect.  They agree to do a task for you, but change the terms of the deal.  You tell them to come and then not to, and they come anyway.

The issue, before we get to the game, is this: is it realistic that Walt would so dramatically screw up in so many ways?  He not only confessed on a phone that could easily be taped, he not only showed the DEA where the money is, but he also showed Todd and his relatives where the money is as well.  But Walt panics like no other.  He could have seen the trap, but Walt is no god of crime.  He makes heaps of mistakes and gets lucky. This time? Not so much.  He will live after the gunfight--we know that because of the flashforwards, but he has probably killed his brother in law and definitely his $$.

Anyway, onto the game.  The big changes due to this episode are:
  • Steve Gomez is going to die. Sorry, Rob, but there is no way he lives through this.  I was surprised he made it to the end of the episode.
  • Hank is very close to death as well.  Hard to imagine he gets out of this alive.  As Sepinwall reminds us, he did beat the cousins but this will be hard to escape.  At least he let his wife know that he won before he lost.
  • Marie is about to get her heart broken.  And then she might do something just a wee bit dangerous.  Gotta say, she is back into harm's way.
  • Jesse?  Hmmm, they are not shooting at him.  And Walt may want to keep him alive after the gunfight is over with, but Jesse may escape into the desert.  He was looking to his door when the shooting started and all eyes stayed away from him.  I would expect him to be out of the car and on the run....
  • Andrea and Brock are in play.  We had not seen them yet, and they were at some risk with Todd's family outside.  It looks like they are safe now, but who knows?  If they need Jesse, they know now the lever they would need.
  • Saul is in mid-panic, but seems left behind in the violence.   So, maybe he gets the sequel after all.
  • Huell has been tricked but is in hiding.  He should be ok, right?  Maybe not.
  • Todd has a crush on Lydia, Lydia has contempt for Todd.  Hmmm. I am thinking Todd gets killed in the gunfight, which means the folks really need Walt and/or Jesse to cook.  Lydia is safe as long as she is the connection to the Euro meth folks.  But if the bad guys lose their cooks or want to sell domestically, then her usefulness fades.
  • Skyler, Walt Jr. and Holly? They are on the sidelines but about to get their lives ripped apart. 
  • Badger and Skinny Pete seem to remain way out of the danger zone.  Phew, so the fan fiction will continue.
Of course, all predictions in this show are almost always wrong, so keep that in mind.

Folks playing this game have been wanting some blood (that would be Sara), which will start to pool in buckets soon enough.  Not just cow brains and blood (nice props, Hank!). 

One last thought: Best ringtone ever--Todd has "Blinded me with Science" for when Walt calls.  Genius.  I also liked Oh Sherry in the background.

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Rodger A. Payne said...

I don't think Hank had called DEA yet; thus, the money should be safe. Why would the white supremacists know the money is there?

Jesse knows about the cash, but he's got more important problems right now. In "Reservoir Dogs," Mr. Pink gets away and has the loot. Tonight's episode sets up this possibility for Mr. Pinkman.