Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pentultimate Preview: Breaking Bad is Almost Done Breaking

We have, alas, only two episodes left, so I thought I would review the current standings in the Breaking Bad game beyond the break:

The keys here are obviously: who is dead and who we have yet to see.

The standings are as follows:

Red means the person is dead, biege-ish means we have not seen the person yet in the final eight episodes.
Tie-B referes to tie breaker with OBE stands for overcome by events--that the tie breaker is no longer in play for those folks because of, well, you know.

Kelsey is looking really good has we have seen Huell and Brock alive and healthy, although the former was pretty nervous and chatty and the latter was pretty suspicious and quiet.  But the challenge Kelsey faces is that his tie-breaker is mooot.

Noah has a good chance to take the entire game if Jesse survives, which is a pretty big if, given where he is right now.  I would not be that surprised if he uses Science, Bitch to take Todd out even if it means he kills himself.  If there was anyone here who could be suicidal, it would be Jesse.  Andrea is still at risk since she could be used to get Jesse to behave.

Chip is riding on his big gamble--will Walt survive?  Hmmm, me thinks not.

Sara is in the power position right now, as Marie is now a marginal player at best.  Walt Jr. (or Flynn) could be at significant risk if folks want to get Walt to return to town.

The rest are competing not to be in last place mostly due to picking people who have not shown up and are unlikely to do so now that we are in scramble mode.  Rodger thinks Gretchen is coming back for the finale.  Will they show the flashforwards again that would bring Lawson into play?

Of course, I could be very wrong about all of this--the show is only predictable when we think it is going to be unpredictable--I fell for the double fake last week, sort of.

Enjoy the second to last episode, folks.

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