Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're The Tops.... in Dysfunction

Check out this map, where each state is labelled in the dysfunction they lead the nation:

Some very interesting surprises/ironies along the way:
  • Live free or die New Hampshire pays for its no income tax ways by piling on corporations! 
  • Colorado is for coke?  I would have thought pot would have filled the illegal narcotic need (oops, it is legal now).
  • Apparently, Utah is for porn.  Ok, not that big of a surprise.  
  • I grew up in the Arson state.... I guess I didn't get caught.
  • Minnesota leads in tornadoes?  Not Oklahoma?
  • Maine is the dumbest state?  I guess the power of Bowdoin and Colby is limited.
Ohio, home of my alma mater, is the nerdiest state not for the density of liberal arts colleges but by the high patronage of libraries.

Least surprising: a tie between Hawaii as most expensive, Mississippi for leading many categories in awful and Massachusetts for bad drivers.

Best one: New Mexico is "anti-social" but of course with Walter White and the Nazis running rampant, I would not be so sociable either.

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R. William Ayres said...

I don't think "Nerdiest" is really a bad thing.