Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pentultimate Breaking Bad: The End is Nigh

Damn, damn, damn, that was an episode where little happened but managed to elevate heart rates across the land.  The game as it stands after the break

Only one person died, but I am pretty sure that next episode will compensate.

Ok, we lost Andrea, which hurts Noah's chances quite a bit, but also impacts Todd's chances of surviving and that of Jesse's.  Jesse is now seriously motivated to take out as many Nazis as he can.  I am still thinking he will master some SCIENCE, Bitch and will take down Todd.  The show may not give us that much satisfaction but it will give us that.  The good news is that it probably puts Brock out of harm's way--Jesse will only make the move once he knows he can take out enough of the guys and kill himself so that Brock is not in play.

Good news/bad news for Rodger as Gretchen did indeed show up.  Being on TV counts.  But Walt's pride has been activated, and that really is what animates him.  So, I would not be surprised if Gretchen gets some ricin.  Yep, that is my prediction for next week, knowing that prediction is a foolish thing to do in this game with this show.

Brandon has some good news--Saul is now hidden and no longer in the same boat basement as Walt.

Holly? Flynn?  Probably out of danger since Walt is coming back not for their sake but for his own pride.  Holly was at risk briefly again, but I think they are both in the clear. Lydia may still want Skyler out of the picture, and Todd's lint-picking sweetness on her might just push him to go one step more than he wants.  I do think Lydia is in deep trouble, although Mark will disagree once again.  But here is the thing--if she ever rejects Todd (before Jesse kills him), then she is dead.  Todd is just too sick.   Marie?  I think she is largely on the sideline and probably out of harm's way--she has no real role to play.  But this being Breaking Bad, she might get herself into harm's way anyhow.

Right now, if it seems to me that the two front-runners are Kelsey with Huell and Brock (both are irrelevant and safely so now that Saul is on the run and Andrea got whacked) and Sara with Marie and Flynn.  Kelsey's tiebreaker involved Hank, so Sara's prediction might come true except I don't think Jesse will be alive for Walk to strangle.  Hmmm.

The real question is who will join Rob in the basement with zero points?

Overall, another great, tense hour plus, with Robert Forster a pleasant surprise.  I doubt we will see him again now that Walt has broken the rules.  Oh, and Walt probably cannot get back to his cache of cash with the cops onto him.  That is one long walk with footprints in the snow.  My guess is he steals a car that will end up loaded with M-60 and bullets...

Anyhow, more speculation during the week.  Right now, I just need a drink--whatever Walt was having looks good.  At the bar, not the chemo.

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