Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Spectacular

Brian McFadden has a nice holiday gift guide today:

Sure, this morning Mrs. Spew was pondering a catalog that had heaps of fleece stuff that her mother could get us, but what else do I want for Winterfest 2013?  I don't need a new job or house or neighborhood since I am very happy with those gifts from the recent past.
  • A magic scholarship so that I don't have to worry about Teen Spew's college costs next year?
  • More importantly, a potion, hopefully tasting like butter beer, that wipes away all the stress that Teen Spew is experiencing as she has to write college applications, take the latest SAT, complete her classwork and deal with her parents.
  • A house elf (one that we would treat nicely) to deal with our messy tendencies (yes, I am a slob).
  • A reliable snow removal company--one area where Montreal is better than Ottawa.
  • More time with the smallest relatives.  I had the chance to hangout with my cousins' kids twice over the past few weeks after not really seeing them much at all.  They are delightful.  Need more cousin-kid time.  Nice to know my skilz for playing with small children are not utterly degraded through disuse.
  • Gold status, please!  I have found that my airline has been reducing the benefits of Silver status, so I am now eager to get to Gold, which might be possible given the events on tap for 2014.  Of course, by the time I get to Gold, it will probably be worth relatively less than it once was.
  • Speaking of which, I need someone to give me "how to sleep in planes" lessons as I have a trip to Australia and hopefully one to Argentina ahead in 2014.
  • Speaking of travel, I hope some one gives me big audiences for the many book talks (Ottawa, Kansas City, Denver, Calgary, Sydney, and more?) I am trying to schedule as the Dave and Steve book finally comes out in January.  
Speaking of which, yes, you! can order it now, print out the Amazon email indicating your order, and put it in a stocking for a loved one (my sister just moved to Amazon, so it is now officially the favorite bookseller for the Spews).  The book will come to your loved ones in January, making 2014 a very happy year chock full of NATO, caveats, and comparative civil-military relations for one and all.

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