Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shameless Tour 2014

I am doing something a bit different this time around with my third book: heaps of promotion.  It is not just about endless tweets and blog posts, but actual talking about the book hither and yon.  A combination of super-interesting material, more resources (the endowed chair is handy and comfy), better networks and all that mean many opportunities to see me talk about NATO, Afghanistan and Libya (we snuck in Libya into the book since we didn't finish fast enough). 

Anyhow, this page lists the talks I will be giving in Ottawa and beyond (as far away as Sydney).  If you would like for me to visit your town/college/think tank/whatever, let me know as I am doing my best to "disseminate" the knowledge created by this multi-year research endeavor. 

I do hope to add Toronto and San Diego to the list but those are up in the air.  Anyhow, I hope to see both normal and virtual friends along the way. 

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