Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glad I Am Not Single and Not in NYC

I have been not-single for more than half my life.  I sometimes wonder about that, and then I see stories like this.  That not only do short people have no reason to live, but shorter males have a hard time getting dates as even short woman want tall men..  I used to kid myself about being average height, but apparently as Americans got bigger, my height became less average.  Oh well.  I have come to grips with it even as students used to say when approaching me after the big class in the big lecture hall, "wow, you are not as tall as I thought" or "you are shorter than I thought." 

But it does seem strange that in the 21st century, where evolution's programming might not be relevant anymore (bigger men no longer needed to fight off threats), that the rules of attraction seem not to have changed.  At least in NYC.  I have little experimental experience to assess whether this stuff still matters.  Back in the day, my romantic struggles in my teen years were way over-determined (what, desperation is not a romantic scent?) so I cannot say my height mattered at all.  Ultimately, I did manage to break one norm as I married an older woman, but she is shorter than me. 

Enjoying my non-single-ness even more.

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