Friday, December 6, 2013

Why Quebec Is So Very Frustrating

It has such great people governed by such awful people.  Check out this short doc by Dawson College students about protesting the Charter of Values a.k.a. the Charter of Xenophobia:

Of course, it is not just the politicians as there are folks who fear and worry about that which they do not understand.  There are folks who hate and are intolerant.  It is the responsibility of politicians not to pander to the worst instincts that exist in society.  So, the Parti Quebecois is, among its various sins, incredibly irresponsible. 

Of course, this is not surprising, and one of the reasons I moved was to get out of Quebec before the PQ came back into power.  I knew what was coming, I just did not know what it would entail.  Exit or voice are the options, loyalty certainly ain't available right now.  I exited, but I am glad to see these folks expressing some voice.

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