Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mad Men Dead Pool Game: Limited Progress

This week's episode did not have any direct implications for the game, but let me speculate below the break:

Again, not much movement, but Chip could have lost a character this week: Megan may not ever appear again after this week's finalization of the divorce.  She might appear again, but she does not seem destined to die anytime soon.

We did see the Henry and Betty Francis family (minus the always delightful Sally) so Henry Francis and Bobby Draper are back in play, good news for Rob and Chip.  Noah continues to search for his characters as none where seen this week, and few have been seen/referred to at all. 

Wendy seems to be in good shape with Roger's flailing appearance--his tryst with Megan's mom may have been the kiss of death?  Hmmmm.

So far, most of the drafted characters have been seen very little.  The big question, of course, is Don's destiny.  He does not seem to be managing the 1970s particularly well.  Will he make it very far? 

At the end of two weeks, we still have a four way tie.  I will be in Europe next Sunday so don't expect a post until the following Saturday (I will binge on DVR-ed programs once I return).


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