Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mad Men Game: If Corporations are People

If corporations are people (as the US Supreme Court seems to think these days a la Citizens United):

Then we all missed the death that was, in retrospect, most likely: Sterling Cooper.  Alas, no one in the game gambled on that.

So, still not much progress although Noah should be happy since two of his missing characters were relevant: Lou Avery and Jim Hobart.  But Lou's trip to the Far East likely means that he is probably not going to be heard from again.  Jim Cutler?  More and more likely that he will mentioned but not seen and probably not dead.

Rob's best bet would seem to be Pete Campbell, given that his clan is obviously the subject of centuries-long grudge.  Pete could be killed in the middle of the night as a fitting turnabout.  Well, maybe not, but we got some Trudy, which we desperately needed.

With Ted's new happiness and Megan gone from the scene, his entire game rides on Don.  And don is not looking to good.

Still, I have Wendy as the favorite in the last three episodes:
  • Roger has nothing to live for now but the attentions of a crazy Quebecker, and we know that might just put him over the edge;
  • Duck is still deserving of death given what he did to his dog
  • and the former Mr. Harris is still in Vietnam.
Will there be any death in the last three episodes other than Sterling Cooper?  Probably, but did any of our players guess right?  Probably not....

Oh and two killer scenes: Peggy/Stan and the last Roger/Don in the bar.   What is in a name?  Indeed, Don/Dick.

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