Friday, June 12, 2015

Future Olympic Sports

The International Olympic Committee (less corrupt than FIFA)™ has a list of 26 sports that will be considered to be part of the 2020 games in Tokyo.  Deadspin came up with a ranking, but I will provide my own.  

1.  Ultimate.  

Ok, done.  Ok, to be fair, I will go through the list provided by Deadspin and comments (in red or blue) ... which will lead to the same outcome as the aforementioned ranking:

  1. Tug of war     Really?  Really!  Sure, good enough for the Battle of the Network Stars but Olympics?
  2. Baseball & softball  Solid choices although only a few countries play these sports well enough to be competitive.  A problem ultimate also has, to be sure.  Baseball has enough competitions, but softball would be a strong addition.
  3. Bowls (curling on turf, basically)  We already have curling, so no thanks.
  4. Sumo  Um, who has competitors other than Japan?  This would be like having American football as an Olympic game.
  5. American football  Exactly.  Who can put winning teams together?
  6. Flying disc (Ultimate frisbee)   The US does not win every single international competition of ultimate (just most of them).
  7. Underwater sports (a whole bunch of things, including underwater football and underwater hockey)  Really?
  8. Roller sports (races, hockey, and roller derby)  Not enough skating?  Roller derby? Ok.
  9. Floorball (a hockey thing)  We have hockey. Thanks.
  10. Korfball (some sort of basketball/handball/Ultimate hybrid)  Originals first, ultimate before hybrid.
  11. Netball (like basketball but worse)  Basketball is already in the games, thanks.
  12. Chess   I think sweating is a key ingredient in an Olympic sport.  Indeed, shouldn't the game be a sport in order to be an Olympic sport?
  13. Waterski and wakeboard  Racing?  Maybe, but we have enough judging stuff already.
  14. Bowling  Bowling before bowls
  15. Karate  What is another martial art?  Might as well.
  16. Wushu  ????
  17. Snooker  Bar sports are at the back of the line.
  18. Surfing     The Summer Games needs more bikinis and dudes in bathing suits.  Also, surfing is the one sport that is still sporty even if judged.
  19. Sport climbing  More x games, I guess
  20. Polo  No.  Enough horse events for rich people already.
  21. Air sports (paragliding)   Only if combined with the skeet shooting (or javelin competition)
  22. Raquetball   Sure.
  23. Squash   Lamer version of racqueball, but sure.
  24. Orienteering    Getting lost and found?  No.
  25. Bridge     A game, not a sport.  And poker before bridge.
  26. Dance sport (ballroom dancing)   Already enough of that on TV.
 Which potential options do you favor?

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