Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sabbaticals are Like Love Potions?

My sabbatical starts July 1st.  It will be my second one, as my various moves have cost me some credits (places that offer sabbaticals usually require six or so years in place, and give only modest credits for time spent elsewhere).

I am cleaning up my office today as I am finished with grading, and am awaiting a Carleton Faculty of Public Affairs event (more on that tomorrow or tonight).  Someone may end up occupying my office while I am working out of my house and out of various hotels (Japan for six weeks!) so I thought I would create a bit of space and clean up my mess.  And, yes, I will need another day or so to do it.

Anyhow, I am not yet footloose and fancy free as I still have to show up at meetings and do other on-campus stuff until July 1st.  Yet I can smell the sabbatical.  What does it smell like?  This is where sabbaticals are like love potions--they smell like the things one loves.

 So, with about two months before the real sabbatical starts, I can just get hint of chocolate chip cookies baking, combined with cinnamon rolls and, of course, beer.

Consider this the first of many "woot, I am on sabbatical" posts that will make me even more insufferable.

And, yes, woot!

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