Friday, July 1, 2016

First Canada Day as a Canadian

Citizenship ceremony and two happy new Canadians
This time last year I was studying for the Canadian citizenship test.  I got a perfect score although the hockey question challenged me.  Really, but only because I was so cocky about hockey that I skipped over that part of the booklet.  I still don't remember all the words to the Canadian national anthem, but I am willing to stand guard for thee.

Anyhow, it has been fourteen years above the wall and about nine months as a Canadian.  This place has been mighty, mighty good to me and mine.  We have enjoyed the place from coast to coast (but not to coast yet, as we have not been up north).  My daughter loved Toronto last summer, and I always enjoy my trips and friends there.  Kingston will always be my Canadian home away from home, and I hope to return to Vancouver again and again.  I hope to be going back to Calgary this fall.  And, yes, every time I go back to Montreal, I am reminded of what a great place it is, the friends we made there, and so much wonderful ultimate.

Last year, I enumerated Canada's many great qualities.  On this Canada Day, all I can do is say thanks for letting me stick around and become one of y'all.

Halifax from the Citadel
Sunshine Village in Banff National Park
Downtown Calgary
Whistler, now my favorite place to ski

UBC, perhaps even prettier than UCSD
Vancouver from Granville Island

Suspension Bridge Park near Vancouver
War Memorial in Ottawa

View of the Museum of Civilization
and Gatineau from Ottawa

Parliament is pretty any time of year

Ye olde Cold War history

Americans playing on War of 1812 statue
Celebrating our Canadian-ness with our Canadian pals

Last Year's Canada Day Fireworks

Celebrating our last Canada Day as not Canadians


Veronica said...

I also became a Canadian a few months ago, so I also had to pass the annoying citizenship test. I understand that they have to test us on our language skills and knowledge of Canada, but I am pretty sure most Canadians would fail that test. Did you study on your own? I felt a bit overwhelmed so I signed up for a preparation program thing that actually really helped me (maybe some of your readers would want to know about it, here is the link). Canada is a great country indeed with a very good quality of life and pretty friendly people. I am just not sure we have to know so much about Canada before we are allowed to be Canadian.

Steve Saideman said...

We were able to study the guide, which was very clear. I think the test is only hard for those whose first language is neither English nor French.