Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Campaign Insanity, a Daily List

Ok, which story about the Trump campaign is most disturbing?  Most predictable?
I am sure there is more, but this is the state of the shit-show* at 3pm.   The convention has not even started today, and this is where we are at.  My vote for most disturbing?  The call for violence due to HRC's "crimes".  The GOP did this before, and it did not end well. The most predictable?  Three way tie?  No, I think it is the first--that Trump is a lazy sack of extrement, that he would not want to do the hard work, but does want to get all the credit.

What say you?

* I have been using shit-show, which might offend some folks.  I tend not to curse when I do social media, but to call this campaign a dumpster fire or a train wreck would be to insult both. 

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