Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump the White Supremacist

Hillary Clinton is going after Trump on his racism today.  Not just in this video but in a major speech.  And I am glad to see it.  Let's call him out for what he has been doing--making a series of statements over the past year that are appeals to white supremacists.

Some argue that Trump is not really a white supremacist but playing the part to get votes, akin to Fred Thompson in a weaker season of Wiseguy long ago.  Of course, one could argue that this is just as bad or worse--to be insincerely racist.  But the record of Trump is more consistent than his anti-immigration stance:
  • Trump and his dad were sued for housing discrimination long ago
  • Trump was upset that his accountants were African-Americans and not Jewish, showing a reliance on ethnic stereotypes to make personnel decisions.
  • Trump's birther obsession.
  • Trump's opening statement where he labeled an entire group as rapists.  
  • Trump's reactions to a judge's decisions is to blame his heritage.
  • Trump's statements when meeting with the Republican Jewish Committee that repeated invoked stereotypes.  "Hey, you guys are good bargainers, I like to bargain, we should get along..."
  • Trump retweeting white supremacist folks and using their racist gifs.

Other than ripping off people via underpaying contractors and using bankruptcy strategically and other than being skeevy about his daughter, Trump's white supremacy and bigotry are his most consistent characteristics. So, I am glad to see folks call him out for it. The shame of the GOP is that his competitors refused to so because they were pandering for the white supremacist vote even if they were not so consistently racist.

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