Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mount Rushmore of Candy

Thanks to Don Trump Jr's neo-nazi post about skittles, we now have a debate about which candies belong on the Candy Mount Rushmore.  There will be no consensus on this, as people have very different tastes when it comes to candy--whether they like peanut butter, nougat, wafers and all of that.

So, mine will be distinct as I don't want peanut butter in my chocolate, nor do I like nuts either.

My Mount Rushmore of Candy is:
  • Hershey Bars--maybe not the very best form of chocolate but the classic that saved the world.
  • Twizzlers--I am a big fan of licorice
  • M&Ms--Sorry,  ET.
  • Tootsie Pops--combines a lollipop with chocolate with a mystery!
Honorable mention goes to caramel in whatever form it takes, Milky Way bars, blow pops, and sweet tarts.  Sugar daddies might have gone on the list if they did not cause so much problems when chewed.

Anyhow, too much stuff going on to get deeply into this.  More research during Halloween is required. 

PS Unlike Dan's nearly all chocolate list, mine was aimed at a diversity of candies: bars, chewables, the single serving pebbles (skittles, sweet tarts, etc go here), lollipops.

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