Thursday, September 8, 2016

Testing for Anti-Canadian Values

One of the contenders for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Kellie Leitch, has argued that potential immigrants should be tested for anti-Canadian values.  This raises all kinds of questions, including: what is an anti-Canadian value?  Here are some ideas (with the implied conclusion that it is a good thing these were not on the citizenship test I took):
  • Preferring a US-based NHL team to Canadian ones (unless Gretzy/Crosby/Howe play on the team--the Usher exception).
  • Disliking Tim Horton's.
  • Not being smug about the Canadian health care system relative to that in the US.
  • Not wearing a toque when it is super-cold.
  • Not bitter about 1994 Expos.
  • Being hostile to the fur industry.
  • Cutting into a lineup (breaking the queue as the Brits might say).
Of course, the real anti-Canadian value is being hostile to multiculturalism since the multicultural mosiac that is Canada is so very Canadian.

If you have more anti-Canadian values that immigrants need to prove that they don't have (it is even more awkward to say than it is to do), share them here.  But only mock ones.  No barbaric cultural practices unless one is referring to Montreal driving or road construction.

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