Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fake Nazi or Real Nazi?

I have been reluctant to call Trump a fascist or a Nazi during this campaign.  Why?  For many reasons, but mostly because I was never really sure whether much of his braggadociousness was a put on or real.  That is, I was not sure whether he was just a con artist, using white supremacy and xenophobia to appeal to some voters, or whether he was a true believer.  Sure, I always thought he was a racist, given his long history of racism from housing discrimination to his statements about wanting Jews and not African-Americans to be his accountants to his more recent stuff, but Nazi?

Well, thanks to his own words, of course, I am now pretty sure that Trump is a Nazi.  How so?  He believes in eugenics--that some people are innately superior to others:

Of course, most of this video is him bragging about how smart he is. And, yes, we can contest that, but I think it makes a decent case for the continuities in Trump's behavior and history.  Is it worse to be a true believer than a con artist?  Actually, yes.  Because a con artist might not follow through once he achieves what he wants.  A true believer is something else entirely.

There are plenty of good reasons to oppose Trump already, but a candidate buying into the core tenets of Nazism is just so far beyond the pale that he needs to be criticized without pause, opposed with all energy, and defeated utterly.  Alas, the US is a polarized political system, so many Republicans will simply vote for their party's candidate regardless of how awful he is.  The good news is that Trump is self-destructive, lacking discipline and focus, despite being so "superior."


Dietlind said...

Ughhh, "that german blood". well I talk about biology and politics inc lass today, have to be extra careful

Anonymous said...

Hey, Godwin's Law restrictions have been lifted ever since the primaries. Though "proto-fascist" makes more historical sense - the demagogic rhetoric is there, but the ideology is muddled and we don't have paramilitaries all over the place (yet...)

His Muslim ban proposal (the Marvin Gaye Manifesto!) has origins in the Immigration Act of 1924. That he believes in eugenics is not a leap from what we already know.