Monday, November 14, 2016

Twitter in the Age of Trump

Lots of folks are very critical of twitter these days, and rightfully so as they have not banned those who use threats and who are abusive.  Despite receiving some abuse, I still find twitter to be more boon than bane for me.  Sure, it is easier for me as a white guy.  Of course, my heritage gives anti-semitic trolls something to focus on.

Will I leave twitter?  No, it is a great way to engage in Voice. Plus I have that FOMO--fear of missing out syndrome.

So, how do I proceed?
  • I block
    • People who are abusive
    • People who are entirely reality averse
    • People who have Deplorable in their name, references to white supremacy/misogyny/Islamphobia in their profiles
  • I mute
    • People who are annoying but not utterly offensive
    • People who fill up my feed with lots of mentions when I have asked not to be included in a particular conversation
    •  Trolls
  • I engage
    • People who treat me with respect
    • People who treat others with respect
    • People who argue with me even if they differ with me on most stuff
  • I ignore
    • No one really.  I wish I could not rise to the bait, but unlike Trump, I know I have this problem, so I mute or block people that try to get a rise out of me.
    • I don't hit links in tweets if there is no other text in the tweet.  
  • I tweet about stuff inside and outside my area of expertise. I will defend stuff that I know very well, but I will move on if it is area that is not a strength. 
  • I will not be someone's research assistant if they ask me for examples of stuff they can easily find.  Indeed, demanding me to do stuff I don't want to do is a good way to get muted or blocked. 
Again, twitter has been mighty good to me.  I have learned how to minimize the negative stuff, although it can still be annoying/aggravating and more.  And I can keep with it because I have tenure, because I am white and male.  I recognize my privilege.  I believe my status imposes a responsibility to engage as much as I can within some limits.  And I shall continue to do so even as I hope that twitter develops some tools to reduce the abuse.

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