Thursday, September 28, 2017

Latvia? Yep

I trekked to Latvia today for the Riga Security Conference.  Why?  Because my interest for NATO didn't stop when the book got published.  This conference will hopefully help me get started on a spring project--interviewing folks about the deployments of NATO troops to the Baltics.  I already have one interview lined up.  Plus I want to get the perspectives of the folks from this region for my teaching, my research and my punditry.

What have I learned thus far?
  • Kristaps Porzingis, who plays for the Knicks, seems to be the only relevant sports hero around here.
  • Cobbletones are hard on the feet.
  • The old town is very pretty.  
  • Too many choices for restaurants.
  • Oh, and I was too tired to hang out until 7pm for the Oktoberbest stuff to start.  The big question is whether I can stay up till 10pm--jet lag is a thing.

This restaurant buys beef from someplace that plays music
for the cows!

View from my hotel's rooftop bar

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