Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Few Clues About the Primary Audience

We just saw Pacific Rim: Uprising, and I have only one reaction--strange to see a movie so clearly aimed at the Chinese marketplace from a North American franchise.  Some clues beyond the  spoiler break:

  1. The evil Chinese company is not so evil--turns out that the bad guy is the American scientist working for the Chinese company.  And the nasty Chinese boss of that company turns out to be a hero and saves our primary heroes at the end.
  2. The main battlefield is Tokyo, which is utterly destroyed.  Sure to be popular in China.
  3. Of the many cadets, the only one that dies in the final combat sequence is the Indian.  

Am I being overly cynical?  I think not.

The movie itself as ok---not as much fun as the first one but entertaining. 

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