Saturday, April 7, 2018

Duckies 2018!

Will and I welcome folks to the Duckies
Twas quite an eventful Duckies.  The Online Media Caucus threw a great party with the sponsorship of Sage!  I am proud that the organization that I founded is continuing to be a fun place for social media types to be social.  The three Ignite talks were great, and I say so since I did one of them.  The idea is to either comment on social media or to essentially live blog. 

Tanisha Fazal went first, and we probably should have stopped after that as she would not be topped.  She wrote a wonderful 5 minute rhyme about twitter in 2017:

I wish I taped it. 

Yes, she mocked me.

She concluded with a smidge of self-promotion, proving she is no amateur:

Peter Trumbore went next, and did a great job of explaining how he started

Which was a great way to segue into my presentation, where I discussed the things one should not do on social media and then showed examples of me doing them.
Action shot!
One example: don't blog about dept politics, yet I did and survived the experience.
My ultimate argument: herd immunity

On the other hand, I might be wrong.
 And then the Duckies were awarded.  The Ignite folks got Duckies (a new thing), and I got a second Duckie for best individual blog (helps not to have any competitors nominated) with Political Violence at a Glance winning two as well--Erica had best post of the year and PVAG had best collective blog.  Woot to all of us!

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