Thursday, March 26, 2020

Myth-Busting US Moving Troops to the Canadian Border

How can we make sense of the reports that the Trump Administration is thinking of putting troops near the Canadian border to limit folks from entering the US illegally?

Um, we can't.  It makes so little sense I want to invoke the Chewbacca defense.

There is little threat of Canadians fleeing to the US.  First, the US is a much hotter hotzone than Canada is--why would anyone want to go to where the pandemic is more widespread, escalating at a faster rate?  Second, is this time anyone would leave a place with national health care for one that does not have it? Third, while there is some confusion about what is contained in the respective response packages, the Canadian package is probably at least as good or better than the American one since it involves more than one late check to some people.  Fourth, who is doing a better job of presenting an air of competence and leadership: Trudeau or Trump?  Please.

1000 troops across the entire border?  This is about as symbolic as it gets, as the border is very long.

I am guessing this is a Stephen Miller idea that got leaked, and it is not going anywhere.  It is getting much play in Canada since it would be a major shift, one that would take us back about 100 years--the last time the US had war plans aimed at Canada.  But, in reality, the big shift was when Canada and the US closed the border to all non-essential travel.

Canada does love to play up the American military threat.  All I know is that if this happens, there will be one thousand troops bored out of their minds, with the only job of satisfying some WH fever dreams. 

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