Friday, April 30, 2010

Come Here You Big Lug!

Or not!  Pretty amusing take on the highs and lows of the Presidential hug.  We need to get a quantitative analysis of this, stat!
The huggee who doesn't want to be hugged: John McCain and George Bush.
The huggee who regrets it later: Joe Lieberman and George Bush.
The huggers who should be but aren't comfortable: McCain and Palin.
The huggers who want to, but shouldn't: Bill Clinton and Monica.
The hug heard 'round the world: Hillary Clinton and Suha Arafat.
The huggers who should probably get a room: Tipper and Al Gore.

And yes, this is a token post.  I am all spewed out this week, after the Lost Draft Tuesday night.  I guess, well, I need a hug.

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Wendy said...

{{{{ Steve }}}}

Consider yourself hugged! Great post, btw. I generally like the ones that are a bit less serious. Must be these blonde highlights ...