Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lost in Lost

Doc Jensen has some very interesting stuff today.  Belated but interesting.

One of the most interesting is that Smokey is Fear Incarnate.  That leads into all in kinds of interesting directions.
Another is the idea that everything Smokey is doing is to get the candidates killed, since he cannot do it himself.  Hence, his provocation of the war with Widmore (Jensen even suggests that they are in cahoots [I love an excuse to use cahoots in a sentence]). .  He cannot be harmed by artillery.  But, wait, he saved Jack, so he needs the Candidates now but not later?  I am sooo confused.

More applied Star Wars analysis!  Always a good thing.  Jensen considers Sawyer's confusion about Anakin, and suggests that Sawyer only saw the original.  Anakin's name is prominent, obviously in the prequels (we can go back and talk about their limits some other time.  Wait, I already did.)  But it is also mentioned in Return of the Jedi, and so that redemptive turn of which Hurley speaks Sawyer gets not. 

And people keep referring to rockets.  I am pretty sure they are artillery shells.  Not that it matters much.


Jacob T. Levy said...

The Anakin precedent shouldn't provide Hurley with much comfort. "If we bring Sayid along with us, then someday after he's killed all of us, acted as Smokey's brutal enforcer for a generation, and committed torture and genocide, he could be redeemed!"

Steve Saideman said...

Good point, but perhaps the time/scale of Lost mitigates a bit. Perhaps Sayid is already turning, rather than having to wait for a generation of much more crime.

Anonymous said...

Jacob must be obi wan kenobi since he probably died on purpose and then became more active at least as perceived by Hurley. Just having a problem locating yoda in all of this. In my continental reality, I cannot get caught up in any of this meta-inquiry. When Lost ends, I want to have a few neurons capable of adjusting to the loss. In my life on the island, I am living in one of the original bunkers that have yet to be revealed controlling everything a la the Wizard of Oz.