Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Google Reveals Imperialist Design? Ask the Reader

Found this from a tweet retweeted by Roger Ebert.  So, people have been pondering why they cannot own a canadian?  Or own something Canadian?  The first suggests that the folks out there in the world want some slaves that are good at managing the cold, are polite, and are obsessed with hockey.  The latter suggests that people want Canadian stuff, perhaps property, and find some kind of restriction.  The key word here is "own" so this is not about getting access to Canadian prescription drugs.  I would think that this result is not due to a significant demand for Canadian slaves, but for property. 

Is it hard to get Canadian property?  Not in my experience--if you have the cash. If you need a loan from a Canadian bank and you are not a permanent resident of Canada, well, then things get tricky but not impossible.  The mortgage was the only loan we could get for our first several years here.  So, let me just be confused by this result. 

Anybody out there with a better explanation?

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