Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kids or Adults: Who Causes More Travel Headaches?

The Economist has another rant about kids in planes.  I was thinking about this since I flew back from Brussels one seat in front of a toddler and a very young baby.  The toddler had a screaming, yelling, pounding tantrum on the floor of the aisle and the seat behind me, but that didn't bother me nearly as much as the guy in front of me on the flight to Europe who insisted in using the entire reclining function of his chair.  I hate passing forward (or backwards) that rudeness to the person behind me so it was a good thing that I could move over a seat.

I mind more the adults who are inconsiderate than the kids who cannot control themselves.  I guess in business class, which is the focus of the piece, the reclining issue is not a problems since the seats are far enough apart.  I also have the advantage of having a kid.  I gained significant immunity to the sound of babies crying on planes when my daughter was young.  It wore off a bit as she got old, but I still mind the crying of kids much less now than in the past.

I guess I understand that folks who play extra to be in be in business class feel ripped off if their comfort is disturbed by kids.  And I would be more annoyed by parents who cannot control their five year old kicking away at my seat than those who have a toddler or baby. 

Again, it comes down to control and consideration and who is capable of it.

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