Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ISA Day 2

Another busy day in San Diego at the ISA.  Since time is short, to the bullets we go:
  • I had an early meeting with an enthused co-author who has lots of plans.  Now, I know how annoyed my co-authors are by me, when I have more enthusiasm for a project.
  • I was reminded that the sun is quite strong when I got a nice burn while playing the first Annual ISA Ultimate game by the bay.  We had a good crowd so that we had a few subs.  And, yes, I did lay out twice to catch throws.  Heaps of fun.
  • Another meeting with co-authors (different ones), where I was the annoying "hey, let's get gooinnnnnnngggggg" one.  Ah, data collection and grant writing!  Who says our business is not glamorous?  Oh, you do.  Never mind.
  • I met with my adviser from grad school and then met one of my Phd students--what goes around comes around....
  • Speaking of grad school, I went out to eat with some friends from grad school, and the quality of the food at the restaurant was only exceeded by the quality of the company.  I was reminded of why I had such a great time in grad school.  It was not just the San Diego weather and food and stuff, but these folks.  So much fun.  My face started to hurt more from laughing than from the aforementioned sunburn.
  • I was reminded that if you have lousy cards and the game is so low stakes that you cannot bluff folks off of a pot, you tend to lose.  But the annual ISA poker game, which was wildly popular (two games played at once) was a heap of fun.  I just wish Pat James had better taste in beer.  
No panels today but heaps of meetings that have more content than they have beer.  Holy poor planning!

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