Monday, April 9, 2012

Treating Traitors with Trips?

Yes, it is alliteration day here at the Spew.  Well, every day is. 

Anyhow, Israel is once again asking the US to release Jonathan Pollard.  My answer, as always, is: screw you.  We only trade traitors when we have something to gain, like getting our own spies back.  So, unless Israel has some captured American spies or something else to give us (like some real relief on the issues the US cares about), Israel can suck some eggs--Passover eggs, Easter eggs or ordinary eggs.  I care not the kind of eggs, just that what we do with our own citizens who spy for other countries is up to the US government.  Foreign governments can whine all they want, but if you encourage folks to spy for you, then you have no place to make demands.

Yes, this is becoming an annual post, but Israeli entitlement has not gone away on this issue.  To be clear, I don't want Israel to go away, I just want Israel and its nattering nabob Netanyahu to consider the context and forget about Pollard.

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