Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More on Ignatieff, Please

Really?  Ok, not by popular demand, but one other thought drove my reactions last night: as a former leader of the Liberal party, should he not be just a wee bit cautious about what he says about Canadian unity?  I don't think one has to take out of context his statements to suggest that he, a former candidate for Prime Minister, does not believe in the future of Canada as a united country. 

Ignatieef hems and haws a wee bit, but the statements here are pretty controversial.  It is not just me and not just the headline driving this.  The man has a heap of stature in Canada, so he needs not only to think about what political science might have said about whether separatism spreads (it does not) but also what his works might mean for his fellow Liberals back in Canada, ESPECIALLY since he recognizes what is likely to happen to the Labour Party in the UK if Scotland secedes.  What would be the future of the Canadian Liberals if Quebec goes away?  Probably not good, eh?

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