Monday, February 4, 2013

Speaking of the Super Bowl

Every year I whine about missing the American ads.  This year, the Canadian ads were particularly tired, old, repeated, abysmal.  They were perhaps even worse than CBS coverage of the power outage.  Hard to imagine.  So, of the ones I have seen on the internet, I have to say this is my favorite:

Green Goblin plus Rolling Stones?  Count me in.  Of course, the only Mercedes under $30k probably lacks an engine.

But this one hits closer to home:

Wow, two good car ads.  The Mayans might have been off by a year.

and my sister's company did pretty well:

I am a big fan of Meatloaf so I appreciate a good spin.

This internet thing makes missing the ads a bit less annoying, but the problem is watching the game live and seeing such utter crap.  I could flee the room while the ads are on, but you never know if one of the good ones will leak through. 

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