Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will I Get My Membership Card?

Tomorrow and Friday I will be attending the Conference of Defence Associations' annual conference in Ottawa for the first time.  Most of the speakers will be folks who either did or currently work in government, serve in the Canadian or American militaries, or are members of CDA.  Yes, it is a meeting of the military-industrial complex in Canada.  Or, if you want to use the longer name: the military-industrial-parliamentary-academic complex.  I sure hope I get my membership card.

Anyhow, the topics will range from Canada's place in the world, what its national security strategy might be, the implications of rising powers for Canada (hint: CHINA), cyber stuff, the CF and the Public, accountability in procurement, etc.  Keynoters will include the Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay; Chief of Defence Staff Tom Lawson; John Manley (of the Manley Panel and former/current Liberal party honco); US Admiral Locklear, Commander of Pacific Command; US General Jacoby, Commander of Northern Command and NORAD; Admiral William McRaven, Commander of Special Operations Command; and Lord Peter Levene, who chaired report on UK Defence Reform.

So, it should be an interesting couple of days.  If you have questions you think I should ask at any of the panels or of any of the officers/politicians, comment below. 


Anonymous said...

I'm still curious is anyone is willing to bring up the topic of overhauling the way military oversight is committed by parliament though I'm pretty sure all the military people will say no.

Anonymous said...

Best exchange of the day? Toss up between Major-​General (Ret’d) John Adams vs. General Keith Alexander and Dr. Ian Brodie vs. Major-​General (Ret’d) Richard Blanchette?
Leaning towards the former, your thoughts?

Steve Saideman said...

I have to say the latter as I missed the Cyber panel. Sorry. Best talk the two days? McRaven, not because it was far more insightful or anything, but his style was more compelling. I felt like I should charge a machine gun nest after his talk.